For all those people who haven’t been lucky enough to experience site life yet, there are a few things that you should be aware of.
Generally, site life is amazing, friendly, and safe, but on the rare occasion, people or products are found on them that are not desirable (as in any community).
It is important,to therefore, go with common sense and a clear head, knowing your surroundings and knowing the situation you are going into.
DO NOT take weapons on site, anything that can be used against others can be used against yourself, and generally it is frowned upon to arrive like Rambo onto a peace camp.
HARD DRUGS are not recommended, there is obviously the legal implications of having them (and the police often turn up on site), but also, it’s probably quite dangerous to be off your face whilst 50+ feet up in a tree house.
TAKE YOUR OWN SLEEPING BAGS, as on all sites, sharing is a lovely thing to do, but sometimes you can get skin complaints (such as scabies on SOME-NOT ALL) sites, due to the lack of washing facilities, which can be passed on via clothing etc.
ALCOHOL is great, we all like a drink, and often a site party is flowing with booze wine, but MIX YOUR OWN DRINKS, as nice as some people may seem initially, their intentions may not always be honourable, and things can easily be slipped into your drink.
Mostly, go with a GOOD ATTITUDE, everyone is welcomed with open arms on a site, they are amazing, joyful experiences, and I would highly reccommend anyone to try it!
Children are also welcome on most sites, but it may sometimes be advisable for parents to come to site alone first to see if they think the enviornment is suitable for their child.
In any case, STAY SAFE and HAVE FUN.
Pixi. x

Hi peeps!
For anyone who hasn’t heard the news, we have a new protest site In derby!!
The site is located at Rayensway, across the road from Rolls Royce, on the old football ground.
You can follow the footpaths next to the river from the city centre, towards Alvaston to get to site (and some kindly protestor has marked squatter signs and peace signs along the paths so it’s easier to find where they are).
The protestors are opposing Trident Nuclear Submarines and nuclear waste, and are inviting anyone wishing to stay/help/visit to come to site!!
Section 6 notices are in place (squatters rights), and there are tree houses and communals being erected, plus there is LOTS of camping space due too the old football pitch being available..so bring your tents!!!!
As always, donations of climbing tat, food, water, clothing etc is always greatly appreciated, but mostly bring yourselves (donning a smile-and a raincoat if this weather persists), and you will be made very welcome!
Hope to see you all there very soon!
Pixi. x
For more info on this protest, check out the Earth First and local Indymedia sites!

Yesterday, a ‘Digger Diving’ action took place at the former ‘Bodge Lodge’ protest site in Smalley.
The trespass resulted in one arrest, and that person being whisked away back to Scotland under warrant.
No one was injured, and we are expecting an article in tonights Derbyshire Evening Telegraph!!
This just goes to show that we are NOT giving up, and UK Coal can expect long term oppostion and direct actions if needed for the forseeable future.
Pixi. x

I’m happy to report that the court cases for ‘Bodge Lodge’ in Smalley, have now all been dropped. Yay!

This is NOT however the end of our fight against UK Coal, they may have taken our home, but we will stand up against them for as long as we can!

         Pixi. x


For the first time in almost a month, I missed a weekend on site!!

It’s very strange to be here writing my blog, with no funny stories, or much to report. I did recieve a couple of nice text messages from the protestors, wondering where I was and telling they they missed me, which was lovely!!

As you are aware, the court didn’t go in our favour this time, and apparently we have been requested to “leave quietly”….HAHAHAHA

Do they think that we are going to pack up our little hankies on sticks, and pop off somewhere else??? They are mad!  The house is in top shape for eviction, we have a fantastic tunnel system, and everyone is positive that we are going to give the bailiffs a run for their money!!!

 I for one (hopefully) will be there, attached to various items, resisting eviction, and making as much of a nuisance of myself as possible to the authorities!!!!

All we ask, if that people spare us their time, to come to site, and help us to make lock on points, and generally offer support. Whether that means donating cement, building items, food etc or just coming to say “hi”, everyone is welcome!!!

This is a fight for everyone, and its too easy for people to sit back in front of their TV’s watching the action happening, wishing they could make a difference….well you can….please come and help us!!!!

                                                                      Pixi. x

The Bodge House Crew lost the court hearing for possesion of Prospect Farm yesterday and eviction is to go ahead. The crew are ain good spirits as this is where the fun starts 🙂

They have made the farm a fortress and will be resisting the eviction with lock-on’s and other methods, but they need help

So get down to the Smalley site in Derbyshire and help make final preparations


Another top weekend on site..tho this time I only spent precious few hours there, as I had to sort out my travel plans at home before I could go onto site.

I was really hoping to go to York for a Greenpeace meeting, and I kinda felt really guilty, like I was letting them down, but this time, I really couldn’t avoid doing my stuff, so going wasn’t an option for me, despite the fact I wanted to.

So after I was done in the “civilised” world, and did all I needed to do,  I descended once again onto my beloved second home, really excited about seeing all my friends….but it was like a ghost town when I arrived.

I swear if we had been in the American midwest, I’d have seen a few tumbleweeds drifting past.

I found a few protestors in the kitchen, some drinking coffee, some making food, some rolling …er … cigarettes, and I was greeted again by big smiles and a hug!

I was told that most of the protestors had in fact gone for the day to the Punx Picnic in Derby or the Beer festival (also in Derby), the previous day, and had not yet ventured back….and they were suspected to be p**sed up in a field somwhere.

After being filled in on the latest events on site (some of which included arrests for protestors using diggers as giant climbing frames), I went for a look in the cottage to see the progress….all I can say is…Mr Bailiff….BE VERY CONCERNED!!!!!

The place looked awesome, the progress was incredible, and everyone had been working so very hard on getting it safe (to a degree), but extremely eviction resistant.

As we needed more lock on points, and crevices to hide in, to beat the bailiffs, 2 of us decided to try and hollow out the chimney to see if we could stand in it. It was hard graft, as there was lots of bricks and pot, an insulation clay packed in it, but after spending a good few hours digging away, we finally made it deep enough to stand a little person in it (namely me). lol

I have to say, although the exterior wall is a little shady, initially it’s a great little place to stand, and even sleep, as I could rest my head on the roof, thus claiming it as “pixi’s hole”, and I’m hoping to have that as mine when the eviction team arrives!!!!

On the other side if the crevice subject…..

Warren was coming on very well, and now has ventilation devices in place (which is SO VERY impressive), and after having a look see, he kinda made me nervous, and I didn’t want to play with him, lol.

After being in the cottage for a while, I felt the need for fresh air and sunshine, so I navigated my way out of the maze of lock on points and bailiff beating equipment, and emerged, like a butterfly from a chrysallis, and I decided to make dinner for everyone.

Surveying the contents of the kitchen, I noticed an abundance of fresh veg, and enough garlic to repell a whole army of vampires, so I set about knocking up a 5- a- day supreme!!!

I didn’t have to wait long for the pan to boil for dinner (which made a change) as the others had made a fantastic fire in the cooking area, so immediately after preparing the carrots, spring onions, garlic, mushrooms, lentils, potatoes and rice I made a spicy rice and veg dish with sides of garlic bread.

All seemed to enjoy it, it certainly went down fast enough! And as it happens, there was enough left for 2 more hungry travellers,just freshly back form the beer festival that night…needing to soak up the alcohol! lol

After filling our bellies, we decided to light an outdoor fire, and soon it was roaring, and giving off so much heat that I thought I was going to melt like a wax work dummy.

As there was so little people on site, the others all went to sleep quite early, leaving just 2 of us up chatting into the early hours…..

I decided that the weather was too nice to pass up on, so I opted to sleep out under the stars, in my sleeping bag, with another protestor, so I had someone to talk to. It was so lovely, just talking the night away, then gradually driting off to sleep by the warmth of the fire, the crackling of the fire wood and the sweet melodic and rhythmic sound, of…….. one of the other protestors, snoring, like a flippin pig in his tent.!!!!…I’m so glad I brought my ear plugs!!!! lol

Waking up in the morning was pure bliss, I somehow (despite virtually freezing my breasts off that night), had a really greats nights sleep, and awoke to feel the blazing sun burning my face…which was pleasant in a ..”I hope I don’t get cancer” type of way.

Feeling fairly motivated, I made a cup of fruit tea, and had a couple of biscuits..freshly raided from a local skip, and started my busy day.

We were well up for doing some more work on the chimney, and getting it deeper, so we could establish lock on points inside it, but as it was so hot, and the view was so beautiful from the roof, we just ended up sitting on the rafters for a good hour, soaking up the atmosphere, and the beautiful scenery, before UK Coal rape the land.

We had visitors on site today, in the shape of a local lad who sometimes brings us fresh fruit and veg, and he brought 2 children with him..who I was was told, were the previous occupiers of the house.

They chatted to us for a while, about how they felt, now they can see the  house in all its barracaded glory, and to be honest they seemed a little subdued about the whole thing, and vey bitter against UK Coal, but they were very happy to explore, and tell us whose bedroom was whose! lol 

Once the kids had gone, work resumed on site, people were chopping fire wood, another protestor was whittling a new handle for a mallet, and even the site dog got in on the action, taking bits of wood and chewing them up for us…lol

The mood lifted further when a group of rather hung over protestors came bimbling over the field, after a rather successful alcohol consuming weekend away in Derby, closely followed by 2 others from site who had just been getting trollied in a smalley pub with the locals!!!!

I love local support!!! lol

The evening ended far too quickly, but we had the pleasure of seeing a large black vehicle, at the entrance to site, with tinted windows and some rather official looking people taking pictures, before I set off, and unsure whether or not it was UK Coal, coppers or the evicion team, we all stayed low until they had gone.

I gathered all my things a few minutes later, harbouring the thought that this may well be the last weekend I get there, as the court date is this coming friday, said goodbye to my friends, and the dog, gave the squatters flag a mental salute, and headed off to my pick up point, with one of the protestors as my chaperone, in case of arsey offcials, (of which there were none luckily).

And that was it again…..all too fast, over, for another week.

Despite the fact that site was getting more serious, and hard work was more of a neccessity than an option, I still had a great time, and I know that even if we get evicted this week, morale will stay high, and the fighting spirit of all of us combined will keep us going.

All we ask now, is that, people, who are willing to stand with us, as part of our team, our family, against the eviction team, in our hour of need, come and help us in the fight to try and beat the land rapists.

                                                              Pixi. xxxx 

I have also been informed that there is a new propsed quarry site about to get underway…so please please please, any public support for that would be great too…

Glebe Mines, owned by INEOS (the multi-billion pound company that owns Runcorn chemical works) have put in an application to the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) to build an open pit quarry on Wensley Hillside. The site, which is 6 miles from Bakewell, is within the Peak Park and is 2 miles away from the scene of the well-known Stanton Moor quarrying disputes.

Please help.

The Crew from Bodge House have had a new set of papers served on them detailng them to be in court on th 18th July.

It looks like UK Coal are realy set on pulling down the old prospect farm and turning the site into an open cast mine, but they have not started yet due to the occupation of the Bodge house crew 🙂

Well, another successful weekend away on the lovely site!

I arrived (as usual) on friday night, weighed down again with alcohol, food and climbing tat, ready for another action packed, fun filled, bailiff hating weekend.

Crossing the field, I didn’t see the usual crowd of hippies gathered on the roof of the squat, in fact all seemed quiet…until I heard laughter coming from somewhere above me, and then a voice shouted “Pixi”.

Looking up, I spotted a happy face, smiling down from the newly built tree house! I couldn’t refuse the excited offer to go see inside, and I quickly dumped my baggage down on the floor and scarpered up the tree…(I might add at this point, that I was wearing a short punky skirt, and there was a male protestor below..promising not to look up…which he later admitted he did). lol

Inside was soooo cozy! She had really made a big effort, and it was really secure, and kinda reminded of a giant dome..due to the tarp ceiling!

She talked me through all the great points….opening roof, possibility of a sun terrace, and the toilet….(lets not talk about that…lol).

I had not been in a tree house since 1998 when I lived on Bass Rec in Derby, and it was amazing to be in one again…I didn’t want to get out, in fact, the brief thought of waiting for her to vacate her new pride and joy, then slapping a section 6 on it, and squatting it (for a laugh) entered my mind….but considering how much she’d hurt me…I changed my mind…lol

After the oooh’s and cooings over it, we descended down, leaving others in the tree next door to build their new home, and went onto site.

Suprisingly, it was quiet, as most of the protestors had gone to Glastonbury to earn some money on the litter pick, and others had toddled off to various other protest sites for a day or two, but nonetheless it was awesome to be back “home”.

I was greeted again, with smiles, and as the weather was so mild, we decided to gather wood for a decent fire, and set about making a lovely pile in the fire pit.

It was only whilst picking up tinder from the floor that I noticed a dirty great mound of…well…… wood, dirt, metal etc (with a chimney).

Thinking that we may be housing the 7 dwarfs, I scanned the site. But on NOT seeing snow white dangling form a climbing harness, or having a fag in the communal, I dared to ask what this “thing” was.

I was told that the “thing”, was in fact, our top of the range site oven! And was also informed that a couple of protestors had nipped out for flour…(but they mysteriously NEVER came back).

There was talk of baked potatoes for dinner, but a tasty dish of pasta was served instead up (I wasnt hungry though).

Whilst admiring the oven, I met a lovely young protestor wandering around, who introduced herself, and we started chatting about her history, and she has to be the youngest person I’ve met…who has the most colourful past!!!

She’s an animal rights activst, some may say an extremist, but she has amazing morals, that I find a bit bizarre, but although she is facing possible jail time in her tender teens for her beliefs, (and for that, she has to be admired), she still had a big smile on her face, and was doing her bit in securing the rabbit warren in the squat…bless her.

After dinner, we all sat around the fire, that was happily blazing away, and chatted about site, and various other bizarre things. I cracked out the Vodka, donated by my lovely hubby, and the “booze wine”..(which is I believe, a mixture of wine and lots of different beers)– (donated by the protestors at the Nine Ladies site) was passed around with joy.

I normally hate spirits….. (the alcohol kind…I’m not predjudiced against our dead friends), but that I decided that night, to make an exception and get pissed.

BIG MISTAKE…..as I ended up, talking complete and uter slurred waffle for ages, before (I am told), wandering off the the back of the squat for a lie down. I kinda remember waking up to several protestors looking concerned, and I tried to tell them I was ok…but for some reason my tongue didn’t work, so I  just thought “sod it”, and threw up!

Now, I’m not adverse to a bit of vomit every now and then, but maybe getting so damn innebriated, that I lie in a pool of my own sick, in the rain, with my dreadlocks in pools of mud…whilst giggling profusely, isn’t such a great idea.

In the end,it took a burly protestor, to decide enough was enough, and despite my protests of the fact I wasn’t ready to get off the floor, he virtually carried me to a tent and put me to bed…lol

The next day (or rather afternoon) when I got up, I was soooo ill. I had a hangover from hell, and slowly made my way to have a wee (hooray no nettles!!!!), and then went into the communal for coffee and sympathy…of which there was little of.

The day was pretty much a blurry mess of hangover hell, and despite my sitting around and being useless, I could hear constant banging in my head…or was it the protestors inside the squat, busily building their rabbit warren?

One of the best parts of the day, had to be when we had an arrival of tyres, (for lock ons), delivered by a lovely Greenpeace man, who also gave me a carabiner for my harness…bless him!

The absoloute highlight (and I speak for all of us), was when our saviour arived donning a wheelbarrow FULL of food, and closely follwed by protestors carrying huge boxes of food, and alcohol and unmentionable goodies!!!!

We have the kindness of that lovely man, and also the fantastic staff at SB’s to thank. If you guys were here now…I’d kiss ya all!!

That evening, we had the most delish meal ever…comprising of lovely donated ingredients and fresh nettles from the garden, and instantly morale on site was boosted, and even I started to feel healthier!!!

After yet another night of singing, guitar playing and general merry making, it was time to sleep again…listening to the rain beating down in the tree houses…..

This morning brought more bloody rain, off and on constantly, so the things we needed to do were hindered, but we managed to make progress on the tripod.

I was told that apparently, the bailiffs had visited site earlier in the week, and had said that they had already decided how to remove the roof tripod….the buggers. Little do they know of the immense plans we have in store….lol

We had more visitors to site today, in the shape of our fave Greenpeace lady, who donned lovely goodies as always, and a smiling face, and our 2 fave Earth Firsters..cheeky chaps with cameras!! lol

Its always nice to see them all on site, as they bring a great energy with them, and also give us a kick up the ass to do things press related too…so thanks guys!!!!

Ahhh, I do have to say one last thing…..I was realayed a messge of sympathy, and offers of cream for my nettled nethers….but I’m happy to report that this Prickled Little Pixi is now nettle free and healing well!!!! But I appreciate the concern! lol

That pretty much sums up this weekend…not as exciting as last, although we did have the coppers again for a brief visit…more to let us know they are there I guess.

And this time I went home empty handed, no protestors….instead we dropped a couple of em off at the train station as they are bimbling off to T in the park…lucky beggers!!

And here I am now, back in society (and it sucks), when all I wanna do, if run off and play with my dirty hippy friends, but at least I’m still sat in my filthy site clothes, in protest of being forced back here.

If my husband thinks I’m having a shower he can think again….nostalgia is kicking in, and I’ve only been a few hours off site….

                                            Pixi. x

As many of you may know, this morning we attended a court hearing in Derby.

There was four of us from site at the hearing, with two of us representing as defendants. The case went well, but due to unsigned defence documents, the case was adjourned (yay) for two weeks, which we were very happy about.

Although a longer adjournment would have been ideal, we will be putting these two weeks to good use, both on and off the Smalley site.

Thanks to all for the continued support, it is very much appreciated.

                                                                                                           Pixi. x